Fast & Effective Security Solutions

We offer a wide range of security services, including armed agent deployment, global bilingual driving services, posted sentries, investigations, consulting, risk assessment and embedded security staffing.

Enhance your security with our comprehensive services and industry-leading expertise.

Armed/Unarmed Agents

Our Protection Agents provide unparalleled security solutions, whether armed or unarmed, ensuring the safety and peace of mind of our clients with professionalism and vigilance.

Executive Security Drivers

Providing top-tier transportation solutions, our Security Drivers expertly command first-class SUVs with precision and discretion.

Airport Transfers

Experience seamless and secure airport transfers with our security-forward service, featuring bilingual drivers for travel abroad.

Static Post Associates

Our Static Post Associates are the cornerstone of our security infrastructure, providing steadfast vigilance and unwavering protection at fixed locations. Rigorous training ensures superior threat detection and response, delivering unmatched professionalism and dedication that surpass industry standards.

Consulting / Investigation

Leverage the expertise of our consulting and investigations team for strategic insights and meticulous analysis, ensuring customized security solutions to protect your interests and assets.

Cyber Consulting

Count on our Cyber Consulting team's global support expertise, offering penetration/red testing solutions tailored to fortify your digital infrastructure and safeguard your operations.

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Additional Services

Our associates offer a range of additional services to enhance your security infrastructure. Their extensive training and expertise ensure comprehensive coverage, tailored to meet your unique needs.


Greeting and screening individuals entering premises in addition to documenting and communicating with clients.

Loss Prevention Mitigation

Assigned agents to assess loss and develop a plan to mitigate and protect inventory, including deterrence and apprehension.

Central Dispatch

Maintain 24/7 communications for dispatch and record purposes.

Access Control & Alarm Response

Event Risk provides qualified staff to maintain access control according to your standards and has the capability to deploy them readily to investigate alarms.

Physical Security Guard/Apprehension

Our boots on the ground element fully proficient in SOPs, observation, patrol, end-of-day checks, reporting, and emergency response.

Ad Hoc Services

We offer a range of comprehensive solutions including Security Drivers, Executive Protection, Investigators, and Special Events Management.


Monitor camera systems in real-time, ensuring prompt response with a direct escalation plan in place for incidents.

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